I love plants

So my partner and I are now fully settled into our home and we've got so many plants! I find nature has a calming effect on me and having these plants in our home has given it a cool vibe and positive energy. It's brightened up the place and I think it's also given our… Continue reading I love plants


Why I do photography

Hello! You know, it's hard to keep up something if you're not entirely sure why you're doing it. It's made even worse when you have mental illnesses which constantly eat away at your personality and interests leaving you feeling so uninterested, empty and inadequate. Now you add that with more responsibilities such as employment and… Continue reading Why I do photography

On photography and #nofilter

  Sometimes you just have to reveal yourself as you really are. It's scary not relying on any kind of enhancements to better the image you want to present. There's so much vulnerability which comes with being able to say "this is just it", as you share something which isn't cropped or edited from its… Continue reading On photography and #nofilter