I love plants

So my partner and I are now fully settled into our home and we’ve got so many plants! I find nature has a calming effect on me and having these plants in our home has given it a cool vibe and positive energy. It’s brightened up the place and I think it’s also given our little flat some character. I’ve become so nurturing towards the plants and yes, they all have names! We’ve named them after the Desperate Housewives main characters because that’s what we’re currently bingewatching on our days off.

I admit, when I water the plants I talk to them. It’s a silly act but one I enjoy. Having them around fills me with so much joy and watering them makes me feel peaceful and also in control. Everything else could be chaotic but these plants are just relying on me (and my S/O) for their water and that’s something I can do. I’m excited to watch them grow. Every time I notice any leaves getting discoloured I get worried and provide extra TLC. Basically, since we can’t have pets and we’re not about children, the plants have become our babies.

File_000 (7)File_000 (8)

File_000 (9)
Watering Edie
and some water for Gabrielle

*Not pictured: Bree, Susan and Lynette. They’ll have their own photoshoot soon.

Thanks for reading!

Laurel May


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