Without The Blue Eyes

I recently read “The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison and it left me with SO many thoughts. I’ve especially reflected on the different ways we internalise Eurocentric beauty standards until we hate every part of who we are if it doesn’t look like what “beauty” supposedly looks like.

“The death of self-esteem can occur quickly, easily in children, before their ego has “legs,” so to speak. Couple the vulnerability of youth with indifferent parents, dismissive adults, and a world, which, in its language, laws, and images, re-enforces despair, and the journey to destruction is sealed.”

It’s unfair how we learn to criticise ourselves from a young age, and as we grow up, we find even more things to scrutinise and hate.

I’ve just been thinking about how much we place our value and worth on whether we are perceived as “beautiful” by people who don’t matter. It would be so freeing to fully own every part of yourself and simply refuse to let people who don’t know you dictate how you feel about yourself.

Step by step, I’ll learn to stop giving my appearance so much importance and I’ll work on being a kinder, more loving and thoughtful person instead.

Thanks for reading this pretty random post. But I’ll be adding more personal posts!

Laurel May



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