It’s Catography

Meet Tom ‘Judith’ Jones

His age is unknown, he lives a few doors down from the student house my friends and I live in. He’s not ours, but he sure loves coming over for cuddles and attention.

“Pay attention to me, human”

It took him a while to warm up to us. He used to come up our front door and sit there, watching us begging him to take a couple of steps in so we could cuddle him.

tom jones

Now when he sees anyone approaching our house, he rushes to the door and waits to be let in. Then he heads straight to our living room to make himself comfy.

“This space – I have claimed”
The owners know Tom likes to wander so when we moved in we found a photo of him with a note attached letting us know we can cuddle him and love him but we’re not allowed to feed him. Unfortunately, Tom doesn’t know this so he trails behind us around the kitchen wanting food.

“Feed me?”
Even though he probably knows he wont get food from our house, he still loves spending time with us until it’s getting late and we have to pick him up and take him outside, just in case his family misses him.

“damn right, I’m adorable”
As we’re renting our house, the landlord doesn’t allow us to keep any pets but with Tom, we found a loophole. He just graces us with his presence then leaves.  Having him around has been a blessing to us. When we’re stressing over assignments, he comes over and gives us a much-needed distraction. After a bad day, observing his funny personality is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Also cat cuddles.


So really, thanks Tom for inspiring me to pick up my camera and do this photo shoot with you.

I felt like updating my blog with a not-so-serious-post today. I hope this makes other cat-lovers smile.
Thanks for checking this out!
Laurel May


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